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Do less and grow FAST. Mike shares the secrets to building a million dollar cleaning company without being a slave to your business.
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May 13, 2016

On today’s episode, Mike coaches Travis Robbinson from Clean Difference about the latest and effective tips and tricks on how to Communicate Change to your Employees.


Do you wanna level up your cleaning business? But you are having a lot of SETBACKS?


Are you losing customers because of this?


Wanna clear your mind about this matter?


IF YES, YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PLACE. Stay tuned and let the change begin!

May 11, 2016

In today's episode Mike coaches Henry Pugh on how to successfully grow his cleaning business without falling prey to the usual pitfalls. 

Gain special insight into how to grow your cleaning business without the headaches that come with growing pains. 

Mike shares his wisdom on how to staff, plan and market your cleaning business for maximum growth in the shortest period of time. 

May 9, 2016

In today's episode Mike coaches Christopher Robbin from Lolli Maids on how to deal with difficult and problem employees. 

Knowing how to deal with employees you don't think you can live without but are a cancer to your business and your culture is crucial to running and growing your business. 

Problem employees can run you ragged but if you know how to implement systems to deal with employee problems to immediately fix those problems and make sure they don't happen again in the future. 

This is the episode you do not want to miss!

May 6, 2016

On today’s episode, Mike coches Doug Cunningham of  CLEAN IT, INC about the latest guide and tips on Employee Retention for your Growing Cleaning Company.

Finding and keeping good employees can mean the difference between a business that serves you that you love and a business that breaks you day in and day out. 

No owner wants to deal with constant employee headaches and heartache. Listen in to Mike's sage advice on where to find the best employees and how to keep them engaged, happy and with you for years to come without having to pay through the nose!

May 4, 2016

On today’s episode, Mike coaches Nick Flower of Spectacularly Clean LLC about Stepping Up his Cleaning Business from residential to commercial.

Mike talks about BUSINESS NICHE. What is it, why is it important? Wanna know too? Watch this video!


Hear how you can being your business to the next level without having to go through the expensive and time consuming process of tail and error. 


Learn how to niche down your business and how that can dramatically improve your customer retention and reduce your headaches. 

May 2, 2016

In today's episode Mike coaches Chris Pernell on the most effective advertising techniques today. 

It's hard to know where to spend your adverting budget, but there are definitely some pitfalls to avoid and new up and coming techniques that can maximize your cleaning budget and get you qualified leads automatically. 

Listen in to Mike and Chris discussing where the best places to advertise are and how to get customers coming to you without begging, pleading and giving away the farm!

Apr 29, 2016

On today’s episode, Mike talks with Dave Nevogt from Hubstaff about Maximizing Employee Efficiency through the use of Hubstaff App!

Listen in on how you can track your employees and gather data on how and where you are losing time and money on each of your accounts. 

Don't miss out on the special offer Hubstaff is making available to our loyal listeners!

Hubstaff provides a simple but effective time tracking tools for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Their lightweight desktop timers take screenshots and measure activity levels so you can monitor your remote team.

Their mobile apps let you track time on the go and offers location tracking via GPS.


Listen in to find out how you can use Hubstaff to turn your business into the well oiled machine you know it can be!

Apr 27, 2016

In today's show Mike coaches Ryan Knoll of Tidy Casa Home Cleaning in Phoenix AZ on how to make that transition from part time to full time cleaning company owner. 

Do you have two jobs?

Are you ready to hold on to your dream of being a cleaning company owner and let go of  your day job?

Mike’s got your back!


  • What are your financial obligations?
  • Do you have a systematized way of attracting clients?
  • Do you have a repeatable way to bring in new help?


Ryan shares with us a “cheap” way for your business to have leads especially for cleaning business starters. Interested? Tune in!

Doing an insane 60 hours a week? This doesn’t have to be your life!

First step to change this is ACCEPTANCE! Accept that this should be not your life!

Word for the day: DIVERSIFICATION

You can’t have only one source of revenue.

You can’t have only one source of leads.

Apr 25, 2016

In today’s episode, Mike coaches Melissa Cierly from Your Way Cleaning Services about managing employees and delagating responsibilities to the other members of the cleaning team.

What if you’re unavailable?

What if you had a bad day?

What if you got sick? (We hope not)


Will your cleaning business also be unavailable? Have a bad day? Will be sick?

YOU need a break! There’s no “I” in TEAM. Delagate responsibilities to your other members! Find out how properly Managing Employees can save you time, money and heartache.

Understand why some customers are very “picky” and would simply leave if they don’t get what they want on the first place. Maybe they don’t want to happen again what happened in their past.


Bonus Tips: How to treat your customers

  • Respect Them
  • Value their Time
  • Don’t do a poor job
  • Don’t take advantage



Introduce your employee to the “picky” customer in  a nice way. You can even say that your employee has no other responsibilities other than cleaning his customer's house!


Apr 22, 2016

In this episode Mike has special guest Troy Howard share his excitement about So Tell Us, the simple to use application for getting reviews and testimonials to work seamlessly with your website and marketing. 


Apr 20, 2016

In today's episode Mike coaches Charity Reshard on how to repaid a damaged reputation and maintain excellent relationships with her customers. 

Learn how to deal with bad reviews, angry customers and all around pain in the butts and more importantly avoid reputation management issues in the future. 

Apr 18, 2016

In today's episode Mike coaches Mario Francois on the good, the bad and the ugly of how to advertise his cleaning business. 


Learn where you should be investing your time and money and more importantly where you shouldn't. 



Apr 15, 2016

Today Mike chats with Hanna Kennedy from the ISSA about what the ISSA has to offer owners of cleaning companies. 

Apr 13, 2016

In today’s episode,  Mike coaches Dianna Valle from Honest Maids Clean Living Goodness on How to market her cleaning business!

Do you have a cleaning business but you don’t know how to approach your possible customers?

Don’t worry! We Cover that!

Learn how to maximize your awesome personality in your company and marketing efforts.  

Bonus Quote: “For it is in Giving that We Receive.”


Go where your target customers are! Whether it’s in a group, on the park, anywhere! Know their pain, know why your customers get up at night, And use that to introduce yourself and how your cleaning business can help!

3RD Key: Associations and Groups

SUPER FREE NINJA TIP: Always get on the board when you can! Most associations have a board with the president, vice etc.  That’s how you will really get to know people because they will put a spotlight to you!

PERKS OF A NINJA: You might not know everybody, but everybody will know you!

Tactical Ideas

>Go to an area where you are demographically fit.

>Join the RIGHT Networks of People and Groups.  

>Know your target market.

>Stick around, make a commitment.

>Be consistent and gain their trust!

BONUS: Things to know about associations, groups or leads: Do not expect to get a lead on day 1 or 2. COMMIT. You need to be Patient. You need to be consistent. Thing is, you just need to be there when they needed you. And when you do, say hello to your Customer!

EVENTS AND TRADE SHOWS > Find out how Mike turn your customer’s friends into another customer with just a cup of coffee or lunch!

Finally the lightening round:

“Don’t try to be everything to everybody.” “You need to invest in your business, and the only way to do it is to invest in YOURSELF!

Make sure you only have clean healthy products, Give value upon value.

Keep doing this, when the time comes, they won’t go to look somewhere but the customers will find you!

Inject curiosity to your customer’s mind.

Make them more interested, less bored.

Make your customers feel that you are here because you care, not for the bucks.



Apr 11, 2016

Hear how to get a steady stream of eager customers lined to do business with you instead of constantly begging and chasing for accounts. 


Today Mike coaches James Reese on the shifts he needs to make in his company to stop the endless cycle of having to go out and get cleaning contracts. 



Apr 8, 2016

In this episode Mike coaches James Melton of Ug Play Services on how to attract, keep and motivate his best employees ever.

Cleaning employee retention has always been difficult in this industry but Mike gives actionable coaching on how to motivate employees to be their best.

Apr 6, 2016

Learn how to maximize your niche with these targeted strategies. 


Today Mike coaches Dwayne Martin of A Alberts cleaning in Honolulu on how to reach the  ideal clients for his unique method of green cleaning. 

Apr 4, 2016

Don't miss out on this exciting news from Grow My Cleaning Company. We are hosting a live online training April 14th! 


Listen in for all the details and don't miss out!!

Apr 1, 2016

Today Mike coaches Bruce Whitlock on how to compete with lowball bidders and substandard competition. 

You might be surprised at the answer. 

Mar 30, 2016

Have you tried to make your cleaning business with email and failed? 

Today's podcast features Pete Boland or Oracle Building Maintenance and his question on how to effectively use email to market his commercial janitorial services. 



Mar 28, 2016

Cleaning Services Pricing


Profits, earnings and expenses are crucial to running a cleaning business. First thing business owners must have is patience in putting the pieces together from the ground up.


You must have a marketing strategy, strong core values, experience, and all other stuff that makes up a good and reliable business, but of course every business needs customers.


But the thing is, many businesses may charge their customers a little too much, or a little too cheap, not knowing that their gonna make a profit or not.


Of course business is business, but we tend to make a lot more good out of it, such as having fun, helping out and profit!


In today’s episode, Mike is chatting up with Jose Martinez the owner of Clean For You Service­, about Cleaning Services Pricing.


BONUS TIP: Do not do sliding scale pricing


Your business must have a default asking price for each and every customer. That way you will not end up losing a customer or not being able to have a good deal.


Both sides must be a good fit to do good business. You can also offer different levels of service such as Good, Better, or Best service so that customers can have much more options with the services that you offer avoiding the perception of charging more or charging less.


To make sure that we are on the right track, listen in on Mike’s MAJOR coaching to Jose as they tackle the Tactical Piece on Pricing and on the last part is about Profits and Covering Expenses. Check out Mike’s exceptional strategies!


Needless to say but customer satisfaction is ALWAYS a must. What’s more important is that you should be able to SOLVE their problems, not just offer them a bunch of stuff they don’t really need.


Customers should be happy and employees must be happy as well and be productive, they must feel that they are being valued. Now, that makes a lot of sense!


BONUS LOVIN: Be clear on your bids


Do your bids at the very beginning. Be clear and specific on the things that you are gonna do for them and what’s not included in your service.

Once they ask for more service, then offer them another level of service and make sure that is spelled out in your contract and its cost, make


sure everything is covered in from the start, thus, avoiding misunderstanding, or upsetting your customers.


Jose gives back to the cleaning nation with his thoughts about the cleaning business in, THE LIGHTNING ROUND!


  • Work Hard
  • Have an excellent Marketing Strategy
  • Listening would take you far


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Mar 25, 2016

Getting More Cleaning Business Clients

Growing your company is a real challenge to those who are just starting or even to those who already spent almost their whole life in the business.

What most business owners’ stumble on is getting more clients.

It’s an everyday challenge to business owners trying to find their ideal customers, keeping them, and much worse, losing their customers.

Today’s podcast is with Tory Crutcher of The Crutcher Group Inc. Mike coaches Tory on how to get more cleaning business clients.

The first and most important thing to do is really understand who’s your ideal clients are.

This way you can narrow down your search to a minimum, and then set a criteria for your ideal clients and select a business type that you want to service on. In short, pick an ideal niche market.

In doing so, you’re attracting the specific prospects and give them the right messaging that is specific for their needs, passion, and pain.

Get ready to blow your mind and listen in on what Mike’s sizzling words of wisdom that he shares with Tory and the Cleaning Nation!

BONUS TIPS: Start your DREAM 100

Focusing on the more profitable niche is not a bad idea, but Mike recommends the DREAM 100, it’s a strategy of growing your company by trying to get and have great customers up to a hundred that you’re gonna focus on. Now, that’s a game plan!

This portion is brought to you by: Mike and Tory! And welcome to the LIGHTNING ROUND!

Now, it’s time for Tory to share his thoughts about good advices, mistakes, personal thoughts and give back to the cleaning nation. Here it goes:

Do not buy franchise
Hiring your family is a no, no
Clean and not a Dream
Do real cleaning and do a great job

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Mar 23, 2016

Cleaning Business Cash Flow


It sucks trying to process credit card info all the time, it’s like a part time job. For commercial companies they are constantly managing all the different ways people get paid.


Today Mike interviews Mike Coy from True Merchant Advantage and goes over merchant processing for cleaning companies.


Mike and Mike agree that you have to have an agreement for payment right off the bat with your customers.


Are you one of those companies that individually negotiate payment dates? Listen in to why that is a HUGE mistake and how you can fix it and your cleaning business cash flow problems in 45 days or less.


BONUS TIP: When you sign a contract, if it’s before the 15th get a cc and charge them for the rest of the month. If it’s after the 15th charge them for what’s left in this month and the next month.


Learn the secret to solving your cash flow problems forever.


Every other major vendor charges the same time every month, (mortgage, health insurance car ins etc) Why aren’t you?


This helps with bad debt and non payments. Anyone that isn’t approved, they don’t get their cleaning that month - call them right away and give them the opportunity to pay you for 2-3 days and if they don’t, you don’t service that account.


Listen to what Mike and Mike say is the best way to stop chasing your customers for payment.


Are you eager to solve your cashflow problems but have anxiety about customer reaction and contracts? No problem, Mike and Mike cover how to set it up right with your client with easy contracts.

They cover the 2 Major things that freak people out when they think of integrating merchant processing to their billing:

  • Technology of how it works
  • Interaction with your customer - how to switch them from willy Nilly to at the first


It’s important that you understand how the money goes from your customer’s card to your account.


  • You can swipe it on an iphone
  • Or manually type it into your account on your computer

Best of all you can do one time payments and recurring payments.


BONUS TIP: You no longer need a swiping machine or modem, you can use something that attaches to your iphone or key it in online on the portal.

What about credit being a factor in getting a merchant account? Are you concerned you have to have perfect credit and a vatican blessing to get approved for a merchant account?


Don’t worry, It’s like getting a loan, as long as your credit is above 600 and you haven’t had previous merchant accounts shut down you should be able to get an account.


What about contracts??


Never fear, Mike Coy to the rescue, they have forms that their clients have to use with the basic info to cover you as a business to charge your customers.


BONUS TIP: Keep the contracts super simple


Getting a true signature helps against customers lying about what they agree to and reducing your chargeback occurrences.


You can modify your contract to include billing and charging your customers .


You might be surprised to hear how quickly you can get your money once the payment has been processed, listen in to get the inside scoop.


Ever accidentally bill someone? No problem, undoing the charge is easy as a button click. Listen to the show to get the full details.


Mike’s recommendation is at the min set up an automatic billing for your customers. It’s a convenience to them as well as you!


Want to know how do you transition all old customers into this new system? Mike Coy gives a detailed step by step story of how he switched his own company from sporadic billing to one monthly billing in less than 45 days.


Mike Coy recommends the 4 hour work week - Timothy Ferriss for some mind blowing shifts in mentality over your company.


BONUS TIP: You have to cut service to clients who don’t pay


WHen you continue to service customers who are in default, you end up throwing good money after bad because you are constantly chasing the guy that owes you 1500 and he knows you want the money but won’t stop service.

Learn how to nip that in the bud with merchant processing.


Finally Mike and Mike confront the the fear of all your clients freaking out. Hear what they have to say about the shift from paper to automatic billing.


Mike Coy has set up a very special page just for owners of cleaning companies to get more information about what it would look like to get a merchant account set up for your company. takes about 20 minutes and cost nothing!


So stop wasting time by reading! Go there now!

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Mar 21, 2016

How to Make Cleaning Cool


In today’s episode Mike interview’s Joshua Lammers from Above All Window and Cleaning Services on how to make cleaning cool.


Mike starts off with the foundation of any company, culture.


Anyone that has ever worked with Mike knows his core values; Have fun, make money, be real, help out. In fact if you asked anyone that has worked with him over the last 10 years he can almost guarantee that they will be able to recite them.


BONUS TIP: Be clear about what your core values are. If they are having fun then that needs to be throughout everything in your company from owners to management to employees.


Excited but don’t know where to start? Start internally.

  • Videos on the website
  • They need to be congruent with what you actually are
  • If you are fun on the site, you have to be fun in real life


Make sure your culture is clear to your employees. Mike shares some of his best tricks to getting culture deeply embedded into their psyche.

  • Use Fun titles
    • Listen in for Mike’s outrageous titles for his employees that can make cleaning cool
  • Write fun on the site - be original, fun pictures of employees instead of professional ones
  • Have fun events with employees and prospects


It’s important that you have to act fun if you are fun. It’s an all or none commitment.


Mike shares the hidden benefits to living your core values outloud.


BONUS TIP: The goal isn’t to make everyone love you, but the people you really want to work with that will get and appreciate your unique vibe will be hard pressed to leave.


Don’t try to be everything to everybody and be true to who you are.


Mike talks technical with some of the best ways to show your core values to the world.


Learn how to use video and your culture and core values to polarize your audience.

  • People that love you will go nuts for it
  • People that hate it will get out of your life


The cool part is you get to be who you are


Hear Mike’s sad story of how he transitioned from super professional to real and fun and how it transformed his business.


Finally Joshua gives back with his genius in the Lightning Round


  • America is the land of opportunity - you have a chance every day to make your dreams happen
  • Don’t expand too quickly and then neglect your family, morals, quality
  • Read books to expand your knowledge - do your homework and spend your time wisely
  • If you have 6 hours to chop down a tree - spend 4 hours sharpening your axe - Abraham Lincoln


Check out our last episode…-employees-happy/




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Mar 18, 2016

How to Keep Employees Happy


In today’s episode Mike chats with Alex Sherman from Eco Friendly Maid Service about how to keep employees happy.


MIke starts off with tackling the fallacy that if you pay your employees more you will get a better employee.


BONUS TIP: Moving from 10-12 dollars won’t get you a better standard of employee.


Hear why Mike hates Health Insurance and what you can do to make your employees happy and healthy.


We all know with health insurance you end up hemorrhaging cash and they hate you for it because it’s always worse than they would get by themselves.


If you don’t spend money on health insurance you can put money time and effort into better ways to keep them happy


  • Health Clubs
    • Find out if you can get a group rate for all your employees
      • Find one that is like a mini community
      • There’s a benefit to showing your employees that you do care about their health
      • Its sticky, high pain to disconnect
  • Paid Birthdays and Work anniversaries
    • Throw in a gift certificate

Another great idea are Books - Give them a Kindle after 60 days for free and say you will pay for any book they buy.


These ideas make your 10/hr commodity job into an irreplaceable job.


Mike then goes into Referral programs to get more of your best employees.

BONUS TIP: Your best employees hang out with your other best employees!


Definitely don’t be afraid to screen and segregate who your best employees are - find out where they hang out and advertise there for more employees.



Check out the last episode




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